I’m posting two news articles quite different than the past nautical ones.  One is about the only grave that was not moved when the four towns were flooded beneath the Quabbin Reservoir.  The second article is about the strange case of Minik the Eskimo who, in a strange journey, went from the artic to Pittsburg NH.  These two articles celebrate the overlooked places in New England with some forgotten stories.  As for me, I’ve been busy giving slide presentations on my new book Overboard.  A listing can be found below.  These programs are free and open to the public.  You can have me speak at your library by simply giving the library my website which shows the different programs offered (www.michaeltougias.com) With the demise of newspapers I’ve found the best way to get the word out on a new book is to give a dramatic slide presentation which people will long remember and spread the word.  I haven’t even started on my next book because I want to give Overboard all of my attention.  Have been talking with producers at the national morning TV shows such as Good Morning America, and hope to get booked on one of them with the Overboard survivors.  Will keep you posted!

Programs Open to the Public:

6/10 Thur 7:00 Nantasket Beach Bathouse Overboard
6/14 Mon 7:00 Moultenboro NH Historical CT River
6/23 Weds 7:00 Enfield CT Library Overboard
6/24 Thur Egan Inst. Nantucket Overboard
6/30 Weds 7:00 Westboro MA Library Overboard
7/6 Tue 7:00 Truro MA Library Overboard
7/12 Mon 7:00 Woodstock VT Historical Indian Wars
7/16 Fri 8:00 Rey Center, Waterville NH CT River
7/22 Thur 3:30 Orleans MA Library Overboard
7/26 Mon 6:30 Hampton NH Library Overboard
7/28 Wed 7:00 East Lyme CT Library Overboard
8/3 Tue 6:30 Hennicker NH Library Fatal Forecast
8/17 Tue 6:30 Chicopee MA Library Overboard
8/18 Wed 7:00 Great Bay Discovery NH Indian Wars
8/20 Fri 7:00 Nantucket Atheneum Overboard
8/31 Tue 6:30 Gilford NH Library Overboard
9/2 Thur 7:00 Franklin NH Historical Indian Wars of New Eng.
9/16 Thur 5:30 Cape Cod Museum of Arts Finest Hours
9/26 Sun 2:00 Harwich MA Historical Fatal Forecast
9/28 Tue 7:00 Brookfield MA Library King Philip’s War
9/30 Thur 7:00 Cohasset MA Library Overboard

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