New Book on Rescue of the Bounty

When the Bounty sank in Hurricane Sandy with two lost but 14 saved, co-author Doug Campbell and I went to work. We think we answered the question “why did they go into the storm?” and “how on earth were they rescued” in our book RESCUE OF THE BOUNTY. The book is now being shipped to bookstores and although Amazon says that it’s ready April 1st it is at their warehouse right now.  Appreciate all the words of encouragement! Dateline NBC is working with us to do a special. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll post photos of how the Coast Guard men and women pulled off this miracle.

Follow this link to get details on Kirkus Reviews’ take on the story (not to be a spoiler but they said it’s “A taut recounting of a needless maritime tragedy.”).

Bounty cover

If you’d like to hear the whole story, check my page for speaking engagements — I also try to post them a few days ahead of time on this Facebook page, so “like” it for updates.


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